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SlideshowFx Picasa Widget for Joomla!
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Today: Apr 20, 2014
SlideshowFx Picasa Widget for Joomla!
Copyright © 2010

SlideshowFX version 5.16 has been released (see demo here)


SlideshowFX is a set of plugins and modules which allows you to insert Google+ or Picasa Photos and Videos albums and slideshows in your Joomla! website (Support of Flickr has been added in the content plugin only).

SlideshowFx is available for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x. The content plugin is also available for WordPress (demo here)

Support of videos has been added in SlideshowFx Pro 4.00 (Picasa and Google+ accounts only).

You will find here all the information related to Joomla! SlideshowFx plugin, module, component and JomSocial extension:

  • Features list,
  • Demonstration,
  • Changelog,
  • Download,
  • Support,
  • Contact link.

You can support this project in different ways:

  • Recommending this plugin to your friends,
  • Report issues and propose solutions,
  • Propose improvements.


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SlideshowFx Picasa Widget

SlideshowFx Picasa Widget for Joomla!
Copyright © 2010